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Hi There! I'm Reddy!

I Make Minecraft Plugins And Discord Bots For Around 2 Years Now! You Can Join My Discord Server Here.

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A Cool Multi-Purpose Bot For Your Discord Server ! It has: Moderation, Music, Pictures, Security and much more !

Made With
  • JavaScript
  • Discord.js


A new discord bot that tracks invites. You can add invite rewards ( roles ), invite bonuses, let the bot send a message to a channel when someone has been invited, and much more !

Made With
  • JavaScript
  • Discord.js


Give urself a tpbow and teleport urself around.

Made With
  • Java


Make an armorstand through a cool gui :).

Made With
  • Java

Tools & Languages

I code in Java, Javascript and sometimes Python

  • Java

    Decent at Java and the Spigot API.

  • JavaScript

    Decent at JavaScript and Discord.js.

  • Python

    Okay at Python and Discord.py.

  • Webstorm

    IDE i use for javascript.

  • Intellij IDEA

    IDE i use for Java.

  • Pycharm

    IDE i use for Python.

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